Bleeding Video Transcript

Transcript of the film to find out how to help someone who is bleeding a lot.

Mum: These are looking great.

Beth: Thanks Mum!

Georgia: Thanks Jacqui!

Mum: That’s another star done. Ooh, I need to take this in the other room. Don’t cut anything. Back in a minute. Hello, oh hi Denise yeah…

Beth: Yours looks really good!

Georgia: So does yours.

Beth: I sort of wish we did masks now but I still do like kites.

Georgia: My arm!

Beth: Are you ok? You’re bleeding.
Georgia: It’s bleeding lots.

Beth: Quick! Press on it. Stop the blood.

Georgia: I am.

Beth: I’ll get a tea towel.

Georgia: It hurts!

Beth: It’s ok just keep the pressure on it to stop it bleeding. Mum!

Georgia: I feel a bit sick.

Beth: It’s ok. Just keep the pressure on. Mum!

Mum: What’s going on? Georgia!

Beth: She has cut her arm. It’s bleeding. It’s bleeding a lot. We need to call an ambulance.

Mum: Use my phone Beth. It’s OK.
Beth: Hello, yes, we need an ambulance.

Beth: If someone is bleeding, press hard on the bleed. Tell an adult and call 999. Keep pressing on it until help arrives. If someone is bleeding, remember, press on it hard.