Dele holds frozen peas against a bump on his head

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Welcome to First Aid Champions, a first aid teaching site for learners aged 5-18. First Aid Champions can be used by all schools in the UK to teach the skills children and young people need to save a life.

Please scroll down to find activities, films, PowerPoints and quizzes. You won't need any extra training to use the site, and there are resources for children and young people to learn independently, too.

Georgia presses hard on the open wound with a tea towel while Beth calls 999. Mae Georgia yn pwyso'n galed ar y clwyf agored gyda lliain sychu llestri tra bod Beth yn ffonio 999.

Looking for Welsh first aid resources?

We have translated all first aid skills content into Welsh (including soft skills such as kindness, safety and wellbeing). Now, you can teach first aid in line with the Welsh curriculum. Click the link below for more information,


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Dele holds frozen peas against a bump on his head. Georgia and her mum comfort him. Mae Dele yn dal pys wedi rhewi yn erbyn yr anaf i'w ben. Mae Georgia a'i mam yn ei gysuro.


Discover activities to teach first aid skills, kindness and coping, safety and share learning, for children aged 5-11.

Seb presses a cloth onto his bleeding arm as Hayley calls 999. Mae Seb yn pwyso lliain ar ei fraich sy'n gwaedu wrth i Hayley ffonio 999.


Discover activities to teach first aid skills, helping others, and safety and wellbeing, for children aged 11–18.

School children raising their hands to answer a teacher's question


Read more about how First aid champions helps you teach first aid and kindness.

A young person calling 999 on their mobile phone. Person ifanc yn ffonio 999 ar ei ffôn symudol.


Frequently asked questions about the First aid champions toolkit

About the British Red Cross

You may know that we help millions of people around the world when crisis strikes. But you may not know that for over 100 years, we have helped set first aid training standards around the world. We educate tens of thousands of people in the UK every year, supporting communities and preparing people to cope with many different types of emergency.

A British Red Cross volunteer helps a woman after a house fire

First aid can help save lives and kindness is powerful.

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