World First Aid Day 2024

Take a minute to learn a life saving skill

First aid kit. Pecyn cymorth cyntaf.

To mark this year's World First Aid Day on Saturday 14th September, we're encouraging everyone to turn an 'empty' minute into one that could make a difference to someone's life.

Did you know the average UK user spends an average of 110 minutes on social media every day? But if everyone swapped just one of those minutes to learn some first aid we could make a difference to thousands of lives across the UK.

You can learn together as a class or as a family, through a range of engaging activities which include films, quizzes and PowerPoints. There are differentiated activities for primary (ages 5-11) and secondary (ages 11-18). This year we are focusing on five skills, how to help someone who:

If you're a parent we'd also encourage you to share our First aid champions resource with your child's school. Or for first aid advice at your fingertips with the free British Red Cross First Aid app. Available for Apple via iTunes or Android via Google Play

Dele sees his grandfather has collapsed on the floor

First aid skills

Learn and practise eight different first aid skills primary school children can use to help others.

Raheem checks for breaths on his unresponsive friend Mark. Mae Raheem yn gwirio am anadliadau ar ei ffrind sy'n ddiymateb Mark.

First aid skills

Learn and practise 17 different first aid skills secondary school students can use to help others.

Jonjo and his father reassure Ekam. Mae Jonjo a'i dad yn cysuro Ekam.

Kindness and coping

Learn about kindness and practise how to cope and keep calm.

Joanna reassures Finn after his allergic reaction

Helping others

Learn about the bystander effect, what inspires people to help and the qualities of people who act.