Share and remember

Put kindness and helping into action.

Allanah is wrapped in a blanket and her friends are trying to warm her up with a hot drink. Mae Allanah wedi ei lapio mewn blanced ac mae ei ffrindiau yn ceisio ei chynhesu gyda diod boeth.

Share and remember your learning

Remember and share what you have learned in First aid champions, including first aid skills, and what you have learned about helping others, keeping well and staying safe.

Get creative! Look at the activity ideas below. You could make a poster wall, start a kindness campaign in your school or community, devise a play, or write a letter to someone who could make a difference or teach others.

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Share what you have learned using your writing skills.

Pen and paper. Pen a phapur.

Write a play

Write a play that includes the bystander effect, using first aid skills and showing kindness. Show the play in your school, youth group or community to share your learning.

A letter and a pen. Llythyren a pen.

Write a letter

Write a letter to someone who you think could make a difference in your local area, e.g. your MP. Ask what they can do to help encourage more people to learn first aid and help others.

A red laptop. Laptop coch.

Write creatively

Create a song, poem or rap about topics that inspire you in First aid champions. You could perform what you have written or get it printed or posted somewhere that helps share your message.


Make a poster wall, create a calendar or start a kindness campaign in your school.

Pen and paper. Pen a phapur.

Poster wall

Work with your friends to create a poster wall that gets across messages about learning first aid, stepping in to help and keeping safe.

A person reassuring someone else. Person yn cysuro rhywun arall.

Kind acts calendar

You could create a kind actions calendar;decide on something you could do each day for a month to make a difference to someone else’s life, and spread the kindness.

Poster with mountains and the sun. Poster gyda mynyddoedd a'r haul.

Kindness campaign

Take what you have learned about the bystander effect and helping others, and campaign for the spread of kindness and helping other people. Highlight the importance of learning first aid skills.


Share your learning by teaching others or setting up a debate in assembly.

 A group of smiling people. Grwp o bobl yn gwenu.

Plan a lunch group

Kick start a first aid champions lunch group to learn and practise more about first aid, wellbeing and helping others.

Teach a first aid skill

Teach at least one first aid skill to your family or friends. You could watch the first aid films and practise with a role play. Then download the British Red Cross First aid app.

Red Cross app

A teacher standing in front of a whiteboard. Athro yn sefyll o flaen bwrdd gwyn.

Question time

Set up a youth panel in assembly or tutor time, each taking on a different topic from First aid champions, e.g. helping others, first aid, or safety and wellbeing, and ask for questions from the audience to hold a debate.

Other sections that might interest you

Raheem checks for breaths on his unresponsive friend Mark. Mae Raheem yn gwirio am anadliadau ar ei ffrind sy'n ddiymateb Mark.

First aid skills

Learn and practise 17 different first aid skills secondary school students can use to help others.

Finn has a rash on his face and is holding an auto injector. Joanna calls 999. Mae gan Finn frech ar ei wyneb ac mae'n dal awto-chwistrellydd. Mae Joanna yn ffonio 999.

Severe allergic reaction

Learn how to help someone who is having an allergic reaction

Joanna reassures Finn after his allergic reaction

Helping others

Learn about the bystander effect, what inspires people to help and the qualities of people who act.

Josh and his friends look happy after he has recovered from his asthma attack. Mae Josh a'i ffrindiau'n edrych yn hapus ar ôl iddo wella o'i bwl o asthma.

Safety and wellbeing

Learn and practise how to keep safe, use coping skills and look after your wellbeing when helping others.