My Groups and evaluation guidelines

What is My Groups?

My Groups is a private educator space where you can create as many groups of learners as you need, if you look after more than one group or class. For each group, you can track quiz results and children’s confidence to use first aid skills.

Please note that we will not be asking you to register children’s personal data on this website. Instead, a unique ID code will be generated for each child. You will be able to download a file with a list of these ID codes and use it to assign each ID to a child’s name. This will allow you to identify their individual progress in the group.

Emphasise to the children that they need to use their unique code to login to the First Aid Champions website before they start the work, otherwise their progress will not be tracked.

How to add groups

Once logged in, from the My Groups space you can easily add as many classes or groups as you need. To create a group:

  • click on ‘Add class’ to create a new group of learners;
  • give your group a name so you can recognize it from others;
  • add the number of learners in the group (1 to 50);
  • and select the group’s age.

Manage groups and collect learners’ progress

Once your group has been created you will be able to:

  • edit the group’s name;
  • add additional learners;
  • download the list of unique IDs – use it to assign a learner’s name to each ID so that you can track the individual progress of each learner within the group;

  • view and download quiz results, for an individual learner and for the whole group;
  • view and download confidence results, for an individual learner and for the whole group
  • and delete a learner record.

Learners' login and tracked progress

Children must be logged into the First Aid Champions website for their progress to be tracked. They can login by simply entering their assigned unique ID in the learner's login box available on content pages, and under My groups.

Once learners are logged in their confidence and quiz results will be tracked for you. They will also be able to see their quiz results.

Download Certificates and quiz Q&A

Download our participation certificate to motivative children to use First Aid Champions. Also, if you prefer not to use our digital resources you can also download our quizzes as pdfs.



Secondary quiz questions and answers

Download Secondary quiz questions and answers (PDF)