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Share what you have learned with others

Now you’ve learned first aid skills, and found out more about kindness and coping, and safety, here are some ideas to share your learning.

You could put on a play, make a poster, write a letter, teach others, create a kind acts calendar or do some creative writing.  How you share is up to you!

Learning objectives

  • Create something to share what you've learned with others
A teacher standing in front of a whiteboard. Athro yn sefyll o flaen bwrdd gwyn.

Get writing

Use your writing skills to share what you have learned with others. You could create a play, letter, song, poem or story.

Pen and paper

Write a play

Write a play that includes a first aid skill and a show of kindness. Use the “how to help cards” in the first aid skills section to guide your first aid steps.

First aid skills

A letter and a pen

Write a letter

Write a letter to someone who can make a difference in your local area, like your Member of Parliament (MP). See what they can do to help encourage more people to learn first aid and be kind.

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Creative writing

Write a poem, story or song about kindness, helping others and the importance of learning first aid. Read it out or perform it, or you could even get it printed or put online by your school or youth group.

Get creating

Get on a creative streak and design a poster, come up with ideas for a kindness calendar or create a wall or online display – how creative you get is up to you!

Pen and paper

Make a poster

Create a poster for your school or local area, to share ideas about first aid and being kind. Think about what you want to say and how to make your poster eye-catching to get your message across.

A person reassuring someone else

Kind acts calendar

Share kindness by doing one kind act every day for a month, whether at home, in school or in your local area. Talk to other people about how it makes you feel to be kind, and share your ideas with friends.

Poster with mountains and the sun

Wall art display

Create a wall display so others can learn about first aid kindness. Think about how you’ll show what you’ve learned through art. You could take a picture and share it online with your school or youth group.

Get teaching

Are you good at passing on what you’ve learned to others? Show you family and friends a first aid skill or teach them how to keep calm with a coping skill like breathing with colour.

 A group of smiling people

Plan a lunch group

Start a first aid, kindness and safety club at lunchtime or after school. Help your friends to learn first aid skills and to think about sharing kindness.

A person talking

Teach a first aid skill

Teach at least one first aid skill to your family. Watch the first aid films to show them the key action to take, then practise with a role-play. Ask them to download the British Red Cross First aid app.

Red Cross app

A person presenting some work on a whiteboard

Show and tell in assembly

Use the films and the role-play ideas in the first aid skill pages to teach a first aid skill to your school or youth group. Remember to teach them about being kind and staying safe too.

First aid skills