Safety and wellbeing

Josh and his friends look happy after he has recovered from his asthma attack. Mae Josh a'i ffrindiau'n edrych yn hapus ar ôl iddo well o'i bwl o asthma.

Keeping yourself safe and looking after your wellbeing

When we're helping someone with first aid, it’s also important to keep ourselves safe. This could mean looking out for any dangers, or making sure we feel confident and able to cope with unexpected situations. It could also mean knowing who to go to for help or support and having some skills to cope. Remember, we can always call for help if we need to.

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Practical and emotional first aid

With this activity consider what is needed when helping others by exploring the practical and emotional aspects of first aid. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the centre to make two columns. Write ‘practical’ at the top of one column, and ‘emotional’ at the top of the other.

Think about how a young person might support someone in a first aid situation. This might be ‘practical’, e.g. putting pressure on a wound, calling 999 etc., or ‘emotional’, e.g. reassuring someone, or comforting them until help arrives, etc. Note your ideas down in the columns.

Now consider if both approaches are necessary for first aid. What can the person helping do to help themselves, emotionally and practically?



Practical and emotional first aid – teaching activity

Download Practical and emotional first aid – teaching activity (DOCX)

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