Think you need training to deliver first aid lessons?

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Think you need training to teach first aid? Research says otherwise

With the implementation of the new the RSE and Health curriculum for schools in England from September 2020 teachers might be a little daunted about teaching the range of topics included in the new curriculum.

When you think about teaching first aid for this first time it might conjure up visions of having to have a formal first aid qualification, learn complex medical jargon and source lots of new specialist equipment.

That is why we’ve designed First aid champions with that in mind, to keep things simple and help you confidently deliver lessons in line with the new curriculum.

  • each first aid skill focuses on one key action making it simple to teach and easy to learn
  • the teaching resources provide you with all the guidance you need –you don’t need any formal first aid training
  • the resource has easy-to-follow lesson plans that save you time in preparing for your classes
  • from films and photos to lesson plans and quizzes, the digital resources are free and flexible to use.

The theory

We also put our theory to the test and explored whether providing extra support to teachers increased their confidence to teach first aid, and whether this support influenced student learning outcomes.

We conducted research with 35 secondary school teachers in 2018 and were randomly assigned to three cohorts and used our Frist aid learning for young people (now replaced by First aid champions) teaching resource. The first group received support through a video medium, the second through an interactive webinar. The control group was provided with no support beyond the learning materials provided through the first aid resource.

The results

Our analysis suggests that while providing support for teachers does not positively affect their confidence to teach first aid in the classroom, this increased support does positively affect the first aid knowledge of students. A full copy of the research has been published in Science Open.

Here to help

Whether you’ve taught first aid before or are completely new to it, First aid champions will help you confidently deliver first aid learning sessions at your school or youth group. We have created a 'how to use the resource' document to help guide you through.

To help support teachers we are also creating an online community for First aid champions (through a closed Facebook group) here you can share ideas with your fellow educators. The Red Cross will also host online sessions to increase your confidence to teach first aid.