Practise first aid skills

Continue supporting a limb that might be broken. Parhewch i gefnogi aelod a allai fod wedi torri.

Now that your group has learned a range of first aid skills - including the steps and key actions to take in a range of situations – it’s time to practise what they have learned. 

These activities are designed to be used with a class or group. Children can practise a range of first aid skills to consolidate what they have learned. These activity ideas are engaging, interactive and a helpful way to check progress.

Learning objectives

  • Practise applying first aid skills to a known situation in a role play
  • Understand why and how people can help in a first aid situation
An arrow hits a target. Saeth yn taro targed.

These practise activity ideas include:

Skills practise

Learners practise doing the skills they've learned by miming the action or practising the action on a manikin. Encourage learners to do it in pairs and review and support each other to check they are performing the action correctly.

Everyday first aid items

Show learners a selection of everyday items they could find around their house or on their person and ask them to match the item to the skill and describe how they would use it to help.

Role play

In small groups, encourage learners to read through the selection of role play cards on each first aid skill page and discuss the different people involved, how they helped and how they could help differently in the future. Use a selection of other activities to perform these role plays and investigate the key moments of the story.


Download the full plan of the activity ideas here


Practise first aid skills – teaching activity ideas

Download Practise first aid skills – teaching activity ideas (DOCX)

Dele sees his grandfather has collapsed on the floor

First aid skills

Learn and practise eight different first aid skills primary school children can use to help others.

Ekam's mother reassures Jonjo, who is holding his inhaler


Learn and practise how to keep safe when helping others.

Jonjo and his father reassure Ekam. Mae Jonjo a'i dad yn cysuro Ekam.

Kindness and coping

Learn about kindness and practise how to cope and keep calm.

Liya and her father talking in a park. Liya a'i thad yn siarad yn y parc.


Share what you’ve learned with others.