Unresponsive and breathing video transcript

Dad: How was swimming today?
Liya: It was great, mum said that my backstroke was peeeerfect. Well, she said it was very good.

Dad: Always soooo modest.
Liya: I want to be a lifeguard like her, you get to sit in a big chair all day and you get to save people. 

Dad: I’ve seen your sitting skills; it seems very professional in front of the TV.
Liya: Dad! I think that person has fallen over.
Dad: Which person?

Liya: There Dad, he’s not getting up. Should we help him?
Dad: Yeah, come on.
Liya: Is he alright?
Dad: Hello. Hello, can you hear me? Hello?! He’s not responding at all.
Liya: Is he breathing?
Dad: Yeah he’s breathing.
Liya: OK, well you need to turn him on his side if you can so he can breathe. We should call an ambulance Dad.

Dad: I’ll ring them now. Ambulance please…
Liya: If someone’s unresponsive, check if they’re breathing. If they’re breathing, roll them on their side and tilt their head back. Call 999. If someone’s unresponsive and breathing, remember, roll them over and tilt their head back.