Heart attack video transcript - secondary

“We had a big game coming up, it was a match against our rivals, so Coach was working us a
lot harder than usual.
Sometimes he can get really worked up, but we’re all used to it. But you don’t expect your
coach to collapse in the middle of a training session. I mean, he doesn’t run around as much
as we do, but he’s fitter than most.
One minute he’s barking at us from the side line, the next my teammate Deano is calling us
off the pitch. I was in full flow, I’d just put the ball in the back of the net – I wondered why the
keeper wasn’t paying attention. I turned round and could see everyone was huddled where
Coach had been standing.
I was more confused than worried so I ran over to see what was happening.
Well, I could see Coach sat on the grass, he was hunched over and clutching his chest. He
was gasping for air and mumbling about ‘crushing’ and the pain in his arms…. It wasn’t good.
His jaw was clenched and he was really sweaty. I mean, he’s a tough guy – I’d never seen him
afraid or worried about anything…
The other lads seemed to be on it: Deano stayed with Coach the whole time, keeping him
calm. He managed to get the phone out of Coach’s pocket and give it to Dan to call an
ambulance, while Robin ran to get help… I just tried to stay out the way, I didn’t know what
else to do…”

I really didn't know what else to do when I saw the coach like that. Is there anything else you think I could have done?