Burn video transcript

Liya: They are creeeeepy. What do they do? Do they bite?

Beth: No they don’t bite. They’re vegetarians.

Liya: Where are they from?

Beth: Africa.

Liya: Are they slimy? They look slimy.

Beth: No, you can hold on if you like?

Liya: No, I’m OK thanks.

Beth: Fancy some hot chocolate?

Liya: Err, yeah. Where’s your mum?

Beth: She’s in the bedroom.

Liya: Have you got any marshmallows?

Beth: I don’t think so but check the cupboard. There’ll be in there if there are any. OWW my hand!

Liya: Quickly, put it under cold water.

Beth: It really hurts.

Liya: It’s OK just keep it under the cold water.

Mum: What’s going on? Beth are you OK?

Liya: She got boiling water on her hand.

Beth: Sorry, Mum.

Mum: Don’t apologise. These things happen. Just keep your hand under the cold water. You’ve done exactly the right thing.

Liya: And after it’s cooled down we’ll cover it.

Mum: That’s good. Well done. How is it feeling?

Beth: It still hurts but it feels much better.

Mum: This will help ease the pain and keep it clean.

Beth: OK.

Liya: I think you scared Sam and Joey! If someone has a burn, cool the burn under cold, running water for at least ten minutes. Tell an adult. After the burn has been cooled down, cover it with cling film or a clean plastic bag. If someone has a burn, remember, cool it.