Choking video transcript

Dad: Ok you two I’ve got a bit of work to finish before dinner. If you’re hungry there’s a couple of slices of pizza from last night to keep you going.
Luke: Yeah, OK

Dad: Don’t make a mess.

Dele: Yeah Dad, we won’t. Mushroom pizza…

Luke: What’s the matter with it?

Dele: Oh, nothing. Here you go. I’m going to go watch some TV

Luke: Wait. Can I choose what to watch tonight? You and Dad always choose!

Dele: Haha no chance

Luke: Not fair!

Dele: Luke! Where have you put the control? Luke?! Where did you put the controller? Luke! Luke! Where did you put the… LUKE?! Are you choking? You OK? Dad! Daaaad!

Dad: What’s going on?!

Dele: Luke was choking Dad

Dad: Luke? Are you OK? Hey, it’s OK yeah?

Dele: If someone’s choking, hit them hard on their back. If someone is choking, remember, hit their back.