Head injury video transcript

Dele: Ok, you are making me feel dizzy now.

Georgia: Fancy a go?

Dele: Nope.

Georgia: You should try then we could skate together.

Dele: I’m pretty happy playing video games thank you very much.

Georgia: Have a go, I’ll teach you. Just stand on it and feel what it’s like.

Dele: OK. I’ll have a go.

Georgia: See?

Dele: Ha, it feels weird.

Georgia: Wait here, I’m going to get mum’s phone to take a picture.

Dele: Woah!

Georgia: Are you OK?

Dele: Oww my head!

Georgia: Wait here, I’ll get Mum. Mum! Mum! How are you feeling?

Dele: It hurts.

Mum: Georgia? Dele? What’s happened? Are you OK?

Georgia: I’ve got him to put some frozen peas on his head to make the lump go down.

Mum: Let me have a look. Well you’re not bleeding which is a good thing but I’m going to ring your parents to let them know. Come on. Come on inside and have a sit down.

Dele: Ok. Thank you.

Georgia: If someone has hurt their head, help them to rest. Hold something cold on where they’ve bumped their head and tell an adult. If someone has hurt their head, remember, cool the bump or bruise.