Watch this film and see if you can spot all the ways the British Red Cross helps people.

How does the Red Cross show the power of kindness?

British Red Cross volunteer sits on a bench with a woman. Gwirfoddolwr y Groes Goch Brydeinig yn eistedd ar fainc gyda menyw.

The Red Cross supports people who need help at home or may be lonely.

A group of refugees and asylum seekers that the Red Cross supports.  Grŵp o ffoaduriaid a cheiswyr lloches y mae’r Groes Goch yn eu cefnogi.

The Red Cross supports refugees and asylum seekers, these can be people who have had to leave their home because of troubles like war. We also help people to find their families if they have been separated from them.

A family who have fighting in their country and are supported by the Red Cross. Teulu sydd yn byw mewn wlad ble mae rhyfeli ac yn cael eu cefnogi gan y Groes Goch.

The British Red Cross works with other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies around the world to help people who have fighting in their country. We support them with things like food, water and healthcare.

A British Red Cross volunteer standing with other emergency services. Gwirfoddolwr y Groes Goch Brydeinig yn sefyll gyda gwasanaethau brys eraill.

When there is an emergency, the Red Cross helps people with first aid, food and water, and if needed, somewhere to sleep.

Now draw or write what kindness means to you.