Practise first aid skills

Now that your group has learned a range of first aid skills - including the steps and key actions to take in a range of situations – it’s time to practise what they have learned. 

These activities are designed to be used with a class or group. Children can practise a range of first aid skills to consolidate what they have learned. These activity ideas are engaging, interactive and a helpful way to check progress.

Learning objectives

  • Learn first aid skills
  • Feel confident to help someone who needs first aid
  • Feel able to help someone who is in need of first aid

These practise activity ideas include:

Everyday items

Identify which everyday items can be useful in different first aid situations. 

First aid carousel

Move around the room and practise different first aid skills.

First aid freeze

Act out different first aid scenarios and ‘freeze’ during the key action to help.


Match the first aid topic with its key action, moving around the room to find the correct pair.


Download the full plan of the activity ideas here:


Practise first aid skills – teaching activity ideas

Download Practise first aid skills – teaching activity ideas (DOCX)

First aid skills

Learn and practise eight different first aid skills you can use to help others.


Learn and practise how to keep safe when helping others.

Kindness and coping

Learn about kindness and practise how to cope and keep calm.


Share what you’ve learned with others.