Bleeding heavily film transcript

It was just the quickest way to get home. We always jumped the railings at the back of the estate.
One new razor wire wasn’t going to stop us…
I’ve jumped that same railing a million times before: step up onto the high wall, use the post to
push up and over, then drop down on the other side… It’s easy...
But yeah, I guess I was showing off a little bit because Hayley was there… Anyway - it
I was being careful where I placed my hands, so I could clear the razor wire, but then my foot
slipped off the post, so I reached out to stop myself from falling …
This huge wave of pain tore through my arm, it completely took my breath away… and I just
remember blood everywhere, running down my arm, dripping off my elbow. I couldn’t stop it.
I’d never seen so much blood before. I couldn’t stop looking at it.
I was so lucky Hayley was there with me – she’s the clever one out of the two of us.
She gave me her new top, and told me to keep pressing down on the wound, hard. Her top’s
completely ruined now … but if we hadn’t have used it, I would have lost a lot more blood…
All I could do was sit there against the post, feeling all weak and out of it. Hayley stayed with
me until the ambulance came – it was probably only ten minutes – but to me, it felt like hours.”

Hayley sacrificed her new top to help me; would you do the same for one of your friends?