Choking film transcript

“Well, me and Steph, we walk and we talk all the time, and if we’re in a rush we’ll walk and
we’ll eat. See, I’d rather walk and eat, cos it means I get a few extra minutes in bed.
That day, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t eaten before, it was just a cereal bar – I mean, I eat them
all the time, and we must have been laughing at one of Steph’s fashion disasters from the weekend
before, when a piece of it just got stuck in my throat, completely lodged in my throat.
So, I tried to get it down, and then I tried to bring it up, but neither worked. I couldn’t breathe and I just started to panic.
I could feel myself slowly getting redder in my face and I just kind of looked at Steph and wanted her to help me but no words would come out. So I stopped in my tracks and I bent over
– thinking it would help somehow, and I started to see stars and I just shut my eyes, I was just panicking.
Steph was asking me – ‘what’s wrong, are you ok – are you choking?!’ She was surprised – I was surprised. I was actually choking, and I was terrified.
I felt like I was going to pass out and I genuinely felt like it could have been the end.
Steph began hitting me on the back, again and again, and I really didn’t think it was going to
help… but, just as quickly as it had happened it was all over.
I mean, the chunk flew out of my mouth, and I was just on the pavement gasping for air,
spluttering everywhere. I just felt so relieved. I looked at Steph and we started laughing, it was a nervous laughter though, cos I mean it was almost death by a cereal bar, can you believe that?

Steph told me later that she felt guilty about hitting me so hard, but it worked …”

Do you think she needed to feel so guilty?