Poisoning film transcript - secondary

I’ve been to school with and grown up with pretty much the same people all my life, including
Carly. She’s my cousin and my best friend.
I’d stayed late after school for arts club, so it wasn’t until I was walking home that I saw I had a
voicemail from Carly. I was worried straight away.
She’d been off school for the past couple of weeks, something about headaches… the doctors
were looking into it.
She didn’t sound right, it was the way she was speaking in her message. Her voice, it was
slurred and she just wasn’t quite making sense. I caught her saying something about her
I got there as quick as I could. I knocked first to see if her parents were in, but nobody
answered, so I let myself in.
The house, it was strangely quiet, there was no one in the lounge so I headed straight up to
Carly’s room.
There she was, on the bed, her eyes they were half open and rolling. The telly was on – some
chat show, but she wasn’t watching it.
I couldn’t go over at first. I just stood there looking at her. She was so pale. I got closer, and
tried to touch her on the arm, say her name. She was so confused and slurring.
She said to me, ‘have I taken too many..?’ I didn’t know. I asked her: ‘too many of what..?’ And
that’s when I saw the empty bottle on the floor…
I called 999 to get an ambulance round. I mean, what else do you do when you find your best
friend in the world like that? I’ll never forget that image.

Seeing Carly in such a bad way was really scary… how would you react if you found your friend 
or relative in a similar situation?