Practise first aid skills

Once your group have learned a range of first aid skills they can practise them to check what they have learned and put their skills into action.  The activity ideas below can be used in group settings, they are interactive and fast paced to remind learners of what to do when someone needs first aid.

Learning objectives

  • Practise using first aid skills
  • Feel confident to help someone who needs first aid
  • Learn about helping others and kindness
  • Put your skills into action

Practise activity ideas

Everyday items – mystery bag

Learners take it in turns to pull an item out of the bag, think about which first aid situation it could be used in and how.

Which first aid action should I take?

Learners move around the room with part of a learner skill guide to find a match between the first aid topic title and the correct key first aid action.

First aid carousel

In small groups, learners move around the room to different ‘stations’ that have been set up so they can practise how they would help in a variety of situations where first aid is needed.

First aid freeze

Call out the first aid topic, learners freeze in a position that shows how they would help in that situation.


Download the full plan of the activity ideas here:


Practise first aid skills – teaching activity ideas

Download Practise first aid skills – teaching activity ideas (DOCX)

First aid skills

Learn and practise 17 different first aid skills you can use to help others.

Helping others

Learn about the bystander effect, what inspires people to help and the qualities of people who act.

Smiling young person sits next to his inhaler and three smiling friends.

Safety and wellbeing

Learn and practise how to keep safe, use coping skills and look after your wellbeing when helping others.

Share and remember

Share what you’ve learned with others and remember your learning