Seizure film transcript

The night Ethan had the seizure round mine we’d been playing for three hours straight. We’d
been trying to rank up on the game for ages, and it felt like we were just getting into it.
I do get excited when we play these games. It’s hard not to! Ethan is a better shooter than me,
so that night he was taking the lead.
I realised something was wrong when he started missing some easy shots. I didn’t get it, so I
asked him, you know, what’s going on? - Not in an angry way.
But when I turned round I could see he had zoned out. Then he fell back, went all stiff and
started twitching. His eyes had rolled up. If I’m honest I was scared – I’d never seen anything
like that in real life before.
His head and body was jerking around - he could have really hurt himself on something.
I didn’t want to get in his way, so I stood back and called for my big brother, Adam to come in from
the kitchen. He grabbed a blanket from the sofa, put it under his head, and moved the table
away. Then he told me to call 999 as quickly as I could.
I usually tell mum and dad that I don’t need babysitting – but I was really glad Adam was there
that night.
I never thought one of my friends would have a seizure... but at least I know what to do now, if
it happens again.

I didn’t know that Ethan experienced seizures. Why do you think he might have decided not to tell me?