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A person having difficulty breathing
Illustration of blood droplets
A broken bone
A red flame
A person choking and holding their throat
A person who has hit their head
A red heart
A person shivering from the cold
A drawing of a person's brain
A bottle with a toxic chemicals symbol
A drawing of a person's brain
A peanut with a prohibited symbol
A sprained ankle
A drawing of a person's brain
An unresponsive person
A person who is unresponsive and not breathing
An unresponsive person who is not breathing

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Raheem checks for breaths on his unresponsive friend Mark

First aid skills

Learn and practise 17 different first aid skills secondary school students can use to help others.

Joanna reassures Finn after his allergic reaction

Helping others

Learn about the bystander effect, what inspires people to help and the qualities of people who act.

Josh and his friends look happy after he has recovered from his asthma attack

Safety and wellbeing

Learn and practise how to keep safe, use coping skills and look after your wellbeing when helping others.

Allanah is wrapped in a blanket and her friends are trying to warm her up with a hot drink

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