Broken bone video transcript

Broken bone

Dad: Don’t go too far boys, I’ll be right here. Just make sure I can see you.

Jonjo: Yes, dad.

Dad: Just be careful. I’m right here.

Ekam: We’ll be OK.

Jonjo: I wish there were more hills around here so we could go a bit faster.

Ekam: My bike’s fast without hills. It’s got 21 gears.

Jonjo: Ok, I’ll race you to the lake.

Ekam: Where at the lake?

Jonjo: At the edge of the lake.

Ekam: Well, I’m a bit tired so you’ll probably win!

Jonjo: Ekam? Ekam! Ekam, what happened? Are you ok?

Ekam: My arm, it really hurts. I can’t move it.

Jonjo: Don’t try and move it. Uh, here let me put my bag under it to support it.

Ekam: Oww it really hurts.

Jonjo: I'll get my dad. Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!

Dad: Jonjo! Jonjo!

Jonjo: My dad's coming, it's going to be OK.

Dad: What happened?

Jonjo: Dad, Ekam's hurt his arm.

Dad: Where does it hurt?

Ekam: I fell off my bike, I think my arm's broken, it really hurts.

Jonjo: Just take deep breaths, OK?

Dad: OK, Lets take you to the hospital. It'll be OK.

Jonjo: If you think someone's broken a bone, keep it still and supported, tell an adult. If you think someone has a broken a bone remember, keep it still.