Unresponsive and not breathing video transcript

Dele: Hi Grandad!
Dad: Hi Dad, are you alright, you look shattered.

Grandad: I’m OK, a little tired but nothing to worry about. Anyway, get yourselves in. Thanks for doing the shopping. Pop on the kettle so we can get a cup of tea. I’m going to go and switch off the TV.

Dele: Do you have any biscuits Grandad?

Grandad: Should be some in the cupboard.

Dad: Er, I’m going to the bathroom. Can you unpack the shopping before biscuits please?

Dele: Yeah yeah, just doing it.

Dad: Just going to the toilet, Dad.

Dele: Grandad? Grandad?! Grandad! Grandad! DAD!

Dad: DAD!

Dele: He isn’t breathing, Dad.

Dad: DAD!

Dele: Dad! You have to do chest compressions! I’m going to call the ambulance. Where’s your phone?

Dad: Here.

Dele: OK. Push in the middle of his chest and keep on going.

Dad: Can you hear me, Dad? It’s gonna be fine. Come on, Dad. It’s gonna be fine, yeah?

Dele: Hello, I need an ambulance. My grandad has collapsed and he isn’t breathing… If someone’s unresponsive, check if they’re breathing. If they’re not breathing, tell an adult and call 999. Tell the adult to do chest compressions. If someone’s unresponsive and not breathing, remember, get help.