Teaching first aid

Teach first aid with confidence

Getting started with First aid champions

Whether you’ve taught first aid before or are completely new to it, First aid champions will help you confidently deliver first aid learning sessions at your school or youth group. Through easy-to-follow activities and a variety of engaging and impactful supporting materials, the resources are simple to teach and easy to learn. You don’t need any formal first aid training to deliver effective sessions.

How to use First aid champions

As you work through First aid champions, your learners will follow relatable characters and learn about first aid in realistic everyday situations. Young people will also learn about helping others, as well as how to stay safe and look after their wellbeing in first aid situations. Each module has accompanying films, photos, activities and quizzes to support your sessions. There is also a module with ideas for young people to remember what they have learned and then to share it with others.

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Teacher and educator guidance and support

For more information on how to use First aid champions, download the teacher and educator guidance:

Curriculum links

You can find full details of how activities are mapped to the secondary curriculums in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the following documents to help with teaching first aid in schools:


Curriculum links - England

Download Curriculum links - England (DOCX)


Curriculum links - Wales

Download Curriculum links - Wales (DOCX)


Curriculum links - Scotland

Download Curriculum links - Scotland (DOCX)


Curriculum links - Northern Ireland

Download Curriculum links - Northern Ireland (DOCX)

Suggested sequence for secondary educators

This document aims to support primary school teachers to sequence the content in First aid champions across year groups. This is a suggested approach –once you become familiar with the toolkit you can structure lessons based on the needs of your class, school and curriculum.

My groups and evaluation

You can use My groups to create groups and track your learners’ progress. My groups will track quiz results and children’s confidence to use first aid skills. When you create a group, a unique code will be generated for each child. You can then monitor their progress in the My groups dashboard.. You can also download a first aid certificate for young people taking part in First aid champions.

Creating a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment

This guidance and activity document will help you create a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment. Use it when exploring the topics and concepts in this resource with young people.




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First aid skills

Learn and practise 17 different first aid skills you can use to help others.

Helping others

Learn about the bystander effect, what inspires people to help and the qualities of people who act.

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Safety and wellbeing

Learn and practise how to keep safe, use coping skills and look after your wellbeing when helping others.

Share and remember

Share what you’ve learned with others and remember your learning